1. I will never see my butt.
    My body simply can't contort in that direction.
  2. I will never see what I look like exactly to another person
    I still struggle with the fact that my hair looks exactly the opposite of what I see in the mirror.
  3. I will never be really tall
    I used to be one of the tallest kids in my class until I stopped growing in 7th grade. It's the reason why I've never been insecure about being 5'7. Only disappointment is that I probably couldn't beat Yao Ming in a game of one-on-one (although there's maybe more to that than just height)
  4. I will never be seen beyond just my skin color by some folks
    Man, institutional racism is tough to process as a kid in middle school. When I lived out in Western MA in a predominantly white suburban town, a lot of kids thought I was an adopted Jewish Asian kid because that's what most of the other people who looked like me were. Some never found out the truth until I moved away four years later.