Because, somehow, so many athletes end up with memorable names
  1. Rusty Kuntz
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    Kansas City Royals first base coach
  2. Kevin Quakenbuch
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    Looks like someone named Quakenbush.
  3. Rougned Odor
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    His name is extra amazing because his brother is also named Rougned Odor. His uncle's name is Rouglas Odor who has sons Rouglas Odor, Rouglas Odor and Roberto Odor. No typos there.
  4. Coco Crisp
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    A classic.
  5. Brock Holt
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    \o/ evoking the legendary Steve Holt automatically puts you on this list
  6. Buck Farmer
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    Detroit Tigers pitcher
  7. Touki Touissant
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    Braves minor league pitcher
  8. Mookie Betts
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    Red Sox center fielder
  9. Stubby Clapp
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    Minor league coach
  10. Junior Lake
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    Orioles outfielder
  11. Tucker Tubbs
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    Red Sox minor leaguer
  12. Jarrod Saltalamacchia
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    I once bought his jersey solely because his name arched like a rainbow on the back.
  13. Al Albuquerque
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    Tigers reliever
  14. Charlie Furbursh
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    Mariners reliever
  15. Danny Farquhar
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    Mariners reliever
  16. Milton Bradley
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    Retired player
  17. Boof Bonser
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    Retired pitcher
  18. Dansby Swanson
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    Straight out of the Great Gatsby