1. Crashing (4/5)
    UK sitcom, will there be a S2...?
  2. Fundamentals of Caring (4.5/5)
    stupid crush on Craig Roberts
  3. Stranger Things (5/5)
    this is everything, the cast, story, hot damn
  4. El Dorado (3/5)
    animation, didn't finish, sassy
  5. Brooklyn 99 S3
    spat food on laptop in the first 5 minutes
  6. What We Did On Our Holiday
    unexpectedly touching story, David Tenant wasn't even the best part
  7. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (3.5/5)
    nostalgia hit me hard, want to reread books now
  8. Short Term 12 (5/5)
    Brie Larson, cried like a baby, very human/real, so sad to know what a person's potential can be stifled at youth b/c of socioeconomic disadvantage
  9. Sausage Party (3.5/5)
    R rated animation by Seth Rogen, cry laugh, took it too far? (no), there was an orgy scene
  10. Friends With Kids (2.5/5)
    watched coz of Adam Scott, typical romcom, enjoyable
  11. Easy
    -, exploring relationships/dating/love, so far realistic but tragic ep about marriage/kids
  12. Poldark
    caught up, Aiden Turner is hot but I'm bored, gender roles frustrating, frankly Poldark just needs to chillax, probably will drop
  13. Victoria
    Young Victoria is a little whiny bitch and I can't believe the story made a 18yo girl have a thing for a 50yo man, costumes look great, tbh I'm only here for Tom Hughes who has a very sexy German accent and not even a moustache put me off
  14. Great British Bakeoff - 5/5
    greatest show ever, deeply shaken by news of show moving and mel and sue leaving, next season will not be the same, I think candice will win, I want Jane to win tho
  15. The Good Place
    I was very excited for this new kristen bell show, the trailer looks very promising, but after watching the first 2 eps I don't think it lived up to the trailer. the premise is very interesting and new - just not entirely taken. probably won't continue it
  16. The Fall
    S3 just started - so hyped. I watched EP1, will probably binge when it's done.
  17. Luke Cage
    Bit slow for me
  18. Westworld - 5/5
    New HBO show hyped as the new GOT. The hype is not overstated holy cow two eps in and I'm hooked. Update: fuck yeah it's better than GoT holy cow. I feel compelled to go back and rewatch to make sure I haven't missed anything - that says something.
  19. The Good Wife
    Finally got around to finishing the series. Disappointing finale... the finale two season were generally not that great. 24 episodes per season, 40 minutes each is not a format that works anymore.
  20. Black Mirror
    Still on s2, this is such a dense show, and dark and cynical. Not to be binged. Excited for series 3.
  21. Shooter
    New show about ex-Navy sniper, quite overused trope. But 3 eps in and ins till compelled to watch more. The protagonist is framed for murdering the president and I guess what sets this show apart is that it reveals the fact of a conspiracy and the conspirator right at the beginning. The show doesn't become one about who dunnit but something else which I'm not sure what yet. But I'm curious. Also I must note, Ryan Phillipes deep voice is so jarring on his baby face. ep5 update: yup I'm bored.
  22. Fantastic Beasts - 3.5/5
    What I loved best about this is how it brings alive the magical world if HP, the special effects and creatures were amazing. It looks beautiful and I can't wait for more. Although kinda not ok with the whole publish the screenplay into a book- cash grab.
  23. Dr Strange
    The story is not the most compelling... the way the complication resolves feels unsatisfactory but I guess came out of the world 'magic'. Loved the character of Stephen Strange and the way humour is always there. Ben never disappoints. Also I defs have a thing for benedict-cumberbatch-plays-arsehole
  24. Drive (2011) - 4.5/5
    The film looks so beautiful, each shot was deliberate and effective. For me, what stood out most in the film (besides ol Ryan) is the use of sound - the minimal dialogue from main characters, moments when sounds cuts out completely, or when the background noise of the ocean or road is all there is, it's sound track, unsubtle synthy tunes that slows flood a scene - it replaces dialogue, it narrates what's happening. I love it so much. I thought I've gotten over Ryan Gosling. nope and thats ok
  25. The Crown S1 - 4/5
    Netflix show - I went in thinking it's Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip's love story but got so much more. This first season is about power- the distribution of power between the crown and government, the burden of power as a duty and how that affects personal life, Churchill's desperate hold on his power. It's beautifully made, it humanises the royal family like no other show. Can't wait for more. Also Matt Smith.
  26. Under the Tuscan Sun - 2.5/5
    I expected a romcom in the format of a typical romcom - I didn't get that, the story was not guided by a handsome male love interest (like not all roads led to female eventually getting together with male we met at the beginning who was a bit snarky but hot and then he mellowed). The protagonist rebuilt that house (and also her life) through friendship. Unexpected but enjoyable.
  27. Gilmore Girls
    Couldn't do more than a few episodes. I can see the appeal- maybe because it's my age but long seasons about high school life bores me to tears. That kind of drama feels to fake to get into.
  28. Arrested Development
    So bloody good and funny. Update: still brilliant, still funny.
  29. Arrival (2016) - 4/5
    There's a lot of hype around it being amazing, like it's good and Amy Adams is amazing BUT the plot twist, the conceit, doesn't work to my mind. Time ISNT circular, it's linear. How can you not act differently and just change the future? The reason why the aliens came, how they left and so resolving the story seems too easy - and frankly very naive to think we won't nuke the shit outta them. It's just how humans react to difference.
  30. Room (2015) - 4.5/5
    It's a heartbreaking story, yet uplifting when told from the perspective of a boy. He is untouched by the trauma of his Ma's kidnapping and sexual assaults, he's on an adventure, discovering the extent of the world. I find it a little troubling, the surface way the story handles the mother's experience, during and after the room. I guess the point is that it's the boys story, not hers (the movie communicates the boy's pov perfectly). And Jacob Tremblay and Brie Larson made the movie what it is.
  31. La La Land (2016) - 4/5
    I wanted to love this one so much. Maybe my expectations were too high, i came out feeling unsatisfied. I still liked it a lot, it's hard not to enjoy Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling falling in love. My main issue is the lack of music for a movie that's a musical, the best scenes were the dancing. There's not even one song i'd remember years later. It's opening number was not big enough, it's not sung big enough. I love individual scenes, but not it as a whole musical.
  32. The OA (Netflix)
    Not about alien abduction unfortunately. Just a naively trusting blind woman gets imprisoned by a mad scientist who thinks she has super powers coz she had a near death experience as a child because the russian mafia was after her dad coz he was super rich and maybe he's not dead what it's a mess. i'm out
  33. Leftovers (HBO)
    The premise is that 2% of the worlds population just suddenly vanishes, no one knows how, it's a scientific mystery. I love that the show isn't about this, it's about the aftermath, about how we react to that tragedy. It's interesting and unexpected. I really enjoy it, i think i'll see it through. Also Justin Theroux. Maybe it's a bit shallow, but daymmmm son.
  34. Moana (2016) 4/5
    Disney rarely disappoints. Neither does Lin Manuel-Miranda. That's how you do a musical. The bit when her grandmother comes back as a stingray i cried, couldn't help it it's like a trigger for me.
  35. Riverdale
    Two eps in - was a bit skeptical of the whole high school I fell i love with my best friend but he doesn't love me tone at the beginning but it seems to be self aware of those tropes. So far I am still intrigued enough to continue. Update: not gonna lie, the writing has become a bit CW but i'm holding on.
  36. Legion
    1 ep in and its fantastic. It's trippy and confusing and i love it. I am intrigued. I stopped after two episodes, can't say why exactly but i've lost interest. To be binged in one go later I guess.
  37. Steven Universe
    Cartoon. Charming
  38. Newton's Law
    ABC series about a female barrister trying to kick ass. Sounds like a brilliant premise. I have been so dramatically let down. The law is inaccurate, the personal drama is bad, the office drama is bad, the romance is cliche and frankly a bit condenscending. It's not a show about the law, it's not about office drama, it's not about a single mother trying to juggle work and motherhood, it's not funny. WHAT IS IT. i'm so mad. This could have been soo good. Pls bring back Crownies.
  39. S-Town - 4/5
    Thoroughly enjoyed it, but also now realising how problematic is it.
  40. The Good Fight
    GW spinoff without Alicia. It doesn't need her. I love this show, it captures everything that was good about three GW: the interesting cases, actually interesting office drama, fascinating female characters, sassy and up to date social commentary.
  41. Big Little Lies - 5/5
    It lured me in with interesting characters and the part of us all that loves a good small town housewives drama. The way it told the story of domestic abuse was captivating. The finale is perfect, unexpected but the ending was perfect. I began crying from the way the women rallied around each other. It doesn't need another season.
  42. Broadchurch s2 - 4.5/5
    Very enjoyable. Coleman and Tennant are brilliant and should forever work as partners in crime dramas.
  43. Logan - 4.5/5
    Final Wolverine movie. It was spectacularly violent and gory. I really enjoyed the ending. Wolverine had to die, he died as Logan and his death didn't feel meaningless, it was right and it left just the right amount of hope in my mind.
  44. Rogue One - 4/5
    Solid and enjoyable. Jyn is such a wonderful character, she is the cynical female protagonist fated to save the world - such a familiar story but didn't feel like a cliche. There's so much potential to get lost in the Star Wars universe.
  45. Moonlight - 5/5
    Amazing. I was in tears most of the third act. Fucking amazing I literally cannot be coherent about this. The movie quietly, slowly, patiently destroys you. The ending doesn't feel like a crescendo yet it leaves you sobbing (but happy sobbing) and just emotionally distraught (but in a good way).
  46. Superwoman - 3/5
    Superwoman is great, and the casting of Gal Gadot is brilliant. She IS superwoman. I almost feel like this origin story will be more compelling than any sequel. Also Chris Pine is a babe and I appreciate him.
  47. Spiderman Homecoming - 3.5/5
    I like Tom Holland as the spider-man, I like his squad (Ned is awesome). What is becoming more frustrating with all these Marvel films is that the movie tells a story that assumes there will be a spider-man 2, and spider-man 3. I appreciate the action is suited to the big screen but the way the story is written feels like I'm watching a tv show, and i'm waiting a year between each episode (basically GOT).
  48. Dunkirk - 5/5
    The movie kept me at the edge of my seat the entire time. The movie shows the battle at Dunkirk (or the evacuation rather) from the air, the sea and the land. Each perspective spans a different space of time, but told at differing paces so that it builds into the moment where all three coincide. That use of time is brilliant, yet the story doesn't serve that trick, but enhances the emotion of the three stories.
  49. Baby Driver - 3.5/5
    Very enjoyable. I definitely sped a little on the way home.