I have no idea how this show was ever considered a serious drama
  1. Betty got morbidly obese and then un-obese out of nowhere.
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    Betty's sudden obesity garnered a lot of questions. Why was she fat? How did she become un-fat so fast? While we didn't get any answers, at least we got some great gifs.
  2. A secretary cut off a guy's foot with a lawn mower.
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    Only Mad Men could pull this off and make it seem like a serious plot point. Literally everything about the situation made -1000 sense, but hey, that blood splatter was kind of funny/cool right?
  3. A burglar convinced Sally she was Don's grandmother and stole everything.
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    Like actually how did this happen? How did Sally just accept "Grandma Ida"? She was so cool with it that Sally not only let Ida stay but she also let her make Sally eggs?
  4. Ginsberg cut off his nipple because he thought computers were making everyone gay.
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    Ok, Ginsberg, whatever you say Ginsberg.
  5. Betty let 10-year-old Glen have a strand of her hair.
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    Betty, what are you doing girl.
  6. And then Glen's mom got mad so Betty slapped her.
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    For those of you who don't remember, this is basically how their conversation went: Glen's Mom: WTF Betty why did you give my son your hair? Betty: *slap* Logic on point Betty, logic on point.
  7. Ken got into a car crash because some clients were covering his eyes.
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    But don't worry, he was ok. Or he was ok, until...
  8. A Chevy executive accidentally shot Ken in the face.
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    It is seriously a miracle that Ken is still alive. Pure dedication to the job, am I right?