The Most Random Notes I Have in My Notes App

I am a serial note-taker. Here are some of my strangest hits.
  1. A note that just says "Gnomeo and Juliet"
    Note (lol): it also says "Politics and Ping Pong"
  2. A note called "Emoji Art" but all it has are a bunch of emoji plants with pants
  3. The musical numbers for a fake musical about my ninth grade geography teacher
    Made with help from @jessikatz back in ol' 2013
  4. A quote (not sure who said it): "Josh G" "That could be Josh government"
  5. A note called "Good Ideas" that begins with "adopt an elephant"
  6. A note called "Bed" that only consists of a really pretty drawing of a bed by my 8-year-old sister
  7. A note entitled "TV Shows" featuring shows I want to watch. Oh and a picture of a girl flying a kite.
    Cause I guess that happens sometimes in TV.
  8. A note featuring my friends' names mixed with either my other friends' names or famous plays.
    Cause why not yknow?
  9. Lastly, a note called nicknames that only says "Lil baby Aidy"
    Hope you don't mind if I borrow it @aidybryant