1. Failed marriage proposals
  2. Inspirational advertisements by shoe companies
  3. Dick cats
    Distinct from cat dicks, which will get your video uploading privileges suspended one month as @Alex found out the hard way
  4. Songs I'm too cheap to purchase, too lazy to pirate
  5. Moments of inter species bonding
    Chinchilla / labrador, guinea pig / cat, chimp / frog and so on
  6. Videos where the weather forecast looks like the meteorologist's dick
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    See inset
  7. The last minute of The Needle Drop album reviews
    ie, the part where he finally says the score
  8. Norm McDonald highlights
  9. Catastrophic knee injuries caught on camera
  10. Monkeys going H.A.M.
    I like the one where the monkey steals the hubcap
  11. Bill O'Reilly / Jon Stewart interviews
    The Ali / Frazier of our times
  12. People blowing it on Wheel of Fortune
  13. Denny's brawls