1. "Home Baked" - Same as Big Brother except all food, alcohol, toiletries, and running water in the house is infused with premium-grade psilocybin.
    Or perhaps PCP
  2. "Cash or Curse" - CBS (or similar) takes $1 billion, cash, and leaves it on the doorstep of one unsuspecting family. The family has 10 minutes to make arrangements for their newfound cash and then CBS tweets out their name and address. Film the results.
  3. "Kim K Does Chad" - Chad as in the country. She'd live there.
  4. "Rally Chimps" - Teams of primatologists have one week to train a chimp (w/ no previous driving experience) to drive a Subaru around one of those dirt tracks. At the end of the week, the chimps race.
    I can't be alone in feeling chimps are sorely underrepresented in prime time
  5. "Virgin Quest" - A competition among late middle aged people to see who can sleep with someone closest to the legal age of consent, without going under. If you go under you're prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, but if not........
  6. "Man Vs Beast" - That show where a Marine raced a chimp, Kobayashi ate against a bear, etc.
    Technically already made but past due for a reboot.
  7. "Pygmies in the Park" - A tribe of hunter gatherer pygmies relocate to Central Park for one summer. Film their daily goings on + reflections on how the experience broadened their horizons.