11 Situations in which Chris Traeger and I Share a Soul

  1. About once a week 👍🏼
  2. Every time I see Benedict Cumberbatch on anything, anywhere.
  3. Finals week every semester.
  4. When I tell my bf PMS week is upon us.
  5. Those few minutes on Monday when you feel optimistic about the week ahead.
  6. And then...Friday afternoon after my last class of the week.
  7. The second my jam comes on
  8. Somewhere during the fight my boyfriend and I had about who was taking up most of the bed.
  9. Meetings with my academic advisor.
  10. When I tell my boyfriend I want to go to Sephora again.
  11. In the passenger seat of any moving vehicle.
  12. ANN PERKINS ☝🏻️