Assumptions are only made by the ignorant. Prepare for a bit of sass, I'm fed up with the stigmas. They gotta go.
  1. Lazy
    In fact I work my ASS off to keep my life going on a daily basis, to get things accomplished that most people don't even give a second thought to.
  2. Dangerous
    This is one of my favorites. I kind of laugh, cause I'm about as dangerous as a kitten.
  3. Going to feel better if I get high
    Literally people I've never smoked weed and I live in Boulder, Colorado for crying out loud. I study neuroscience as my major, and taking a pull from your joint will NOT calm me down. In fact we may feel momentarily relieved, but coming back up to normal can be hell for a lot of us. Everyone I know who has smoked weed to relieve an anxiety disorder has henceforth stopped doing so to avoid the bad effects it has on us.
  4. Bitchy
    If I'm a bitch to you, it is not because of my illness, chances are you deserve it. You know who you are.
    If I had a quarter for every time I heard this one, I could pay for all of you "normal" people to be evaluated by your local therapists. Just so everyone knows, I actually have highly functional cognitive abilities, I know the difference between right and wrong, and I am extremely responsible. Things a lot of you who've called me "insane" still don't have a grasp on.
  6. Trying to get attention
    YES I HAVE PUBLIC, EXREMELY EMBARRASSING PANIC ATTACKS SO THAT I GET ATTENTION BC I JUST LOVE WHEN PEOPLE SEE ME HAVE A PERSONAL MELT DOWN SO THAT THEY CAN JUDGE ME ACCORDINGLY....Seriously people? I hope you caught my sarcasm by the way. Having someone find out or having to tell someone about your mental illness is just not fun, and a lot of the times it flat out sucks. Trust me, I don't want your attention here folks.
  7. Overly medicated
    I have very smart doctors with lots of degrees and experience who advise me on what I should and shouldn't take. Show me your PH.D. and then maybe I'll take your advice. Until then, ✋🏻. Medications help people like me feel good enough to function properly on a daily basis. That doesn't mean we'll be on them forever, and no most of them aren't addictive. We are smart and cautious about what goes into our bodies.
  8. Going to give you my vivance because you were lazy and need to cram for a test tonight
    People, I actually need my Vivance so that I can make it through my day. Back tf off.