Progression of the Fall Semester

As told by our favorite characters
  1. Preparation
    School supplies shopping is still just as awesome as it was in elementary school
  2. First day
    Outfit ON POINT
  3. Second day
    Fuck it.
  4. The Friday after that first Thirsty Thursday
  5. Trying to remember what studying is
  6. That one football game you made it to
  7. First round of exams
  8. Night after first round of exams
    Exam. DRANK. Exam. DRANK.
  9. When everyone is so pumped for the winter and you're just like...
  10. Unprepared group presentations
  11. Thanksgiving
    The first real meal you've had since 'nam
  12. That one week that professors cram everything in before the semester is over
    The disbelief that they thought of another assignment to give us
  13. The last stretch to finals
  14. Survived another semester!