would I enjoy this more or less if I was actually a republican?
  1. Ben Carson saying that "the thing that's actually most important is having a brain"
  2. "You've called women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals."
  3. #OnlyRosieO'Donnell
  4. Debate over hugs between Chris Christie and Rand Paul
  5. Jeb Bush standing by his statement that immigration is an act of love (no really, I respected this)
  6. Chris Christie wearing a f*cking FITBIT (yes dude you do you!!!!)
  7. Donald Trump telling Megyn Kelly he doesn't need to be nice to her
  8. "I don't think you heard me. You're having a hard time tonight." Trump trumping Rand Paul
  9. #BeAtMyWedding
  10. (Have I mentioned I infiltrated a NY Young Republicans debate party and that's where I'm watching this?)
  11. Jeb Bush looking like a kicked puppy :'(
  12. Ben Carson doesn't think Hillz will be the Dem nominee (does he #FeelTheBern ??)
  13. Scott Walker looking like a Whoville Who (and his policies are quite grinch-like too!)
  14. Scott Walker's bald spot
  15. Donald Trump looking like a cute lil apricot 🍊
  16. (Still haven't posted about Kasich, I know. I liked his answer on Medicaid?)
  17. oh also: Rubio, Cruz, Huckabee exist
  18. "The purpose of the military is to kill people and break things" -Huckabee. "......um....." -me
  19. Final question for debate: basically, "Has god spoken to you? What did he (why not she) say?"
  20. Marco Rubio feeling #blessed
  21. Christie reminding us that his dad worked at an ice cream plant