..while babysitting a two year old girl and six year old boy
  1. Ice Age
    there's actually some dark shit in this one (mom jumping over a waterfall with her baby to save them from a pack of tigers who want to eat them. the mom doesn't survive...)
  2. Monsters Inc.
    still the bomb dot com
  3. Monsters University
    sort of sucks
  4. Frozen
    definitely lived up to the hype (but why are Elsa's eyes wider than her wrists??)
  5. Chicken Little
    gets strange when the sky is ACTUALLY falling
  6. The Little Mermaid
    all levels of weird seeing this again after so long, but the love at first sight theme in vintage Disney classics sort of sucks
  7. Cinderella
    again, love at first sight is S.T.U.P.I.D.
  8. Rio 2
    yo that bird husband is so whipped he leaves the comfort of his home at the zoo to go to the rain forest all for his wife... I think. (I've fallen asleep every time I've watched this)