TV I Watched With My Parents Growing Up

  1. Live with Regis and Kathie Lee
    Because what 4 year old didn't enjoy talk show banter and celebrity gossip?
  2. Survivor
    I always rooted for the pretty ones.
  3. What not to Wear
    Stacy and Clinton really spoke to me.
  4. Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
    Apparently my family loved any show hosted by Regis Philbin.
  5. Little House on the Prairie
    Laura Ingalls-Wilder was my idol. On an unrelated note, I was forever traumatized from Mary instantaneously going blind.
  6. The Price is Right
  7. Family Feud
  8. Jeopardy
    I'm not sure why I enjoyed this show when I still cannot answer any of the questions.
  9. Full House
    It was only brought to my attention in recent years that my parents found this show too "corny" to enjoy.