1. Jeff Buckley
    Imagine that voice singing to you live and imagine NOT crying your eyes out and/or fainting. Because I can't.
  2. Led Zeppelin
    My dad's a classic rock dude, so I grew up listening to them and they still ROCK. Even just one performance of Ten Years Gone would satisfy me for life.
  3. Amy Winehouse
    I'd love to have experienced secondhand the raw emotion she evoked into her music.
  4. Pink Floyd
  5. Jimi Hendrix
    Particularly at Woodstock. Damn.
  6. Nirvana
    So much grunge.
  7. The Smiths
    I can picture myself now, swaying and/or jumping maniacally to There is a Light that Never Goes Out.
  8. Queen
    I'm electrified by Freddie Mercury's voice alone, I can't even imagine seeing him do his thing live.
  9. Michael Jackson
    He was the KING OF POP, people!
  10. Frank Sinatra
    I'd fall in love with him then and there, I think.