1. Helena - Orphan Black
    Someone who can be utterly adorable and terrifying at the same time HAS to be the favorite. Am I right?
  2. Poussey - Orange is the New Black
    She's so damn genuine, and after watching her in season 2 I've met no one who doesn't love her character.
  3. Chandler - Friends
    Okay, this was not even a question. Chandler is my spirit animal.
  4. Jesse Pinkman - Breaking Bad
    This was tough for me to choose, considering Saul is so entertaining. But Jesse's sincerity and innocence just TUG ON MY HEART STRINGS OKAY
  5. Claire Underwood - House of Cards
    BOSS ASS BITCH. I've never said that out loud by the way (and don't plan to)
  6. Logan - Veronica Mars
    His character development is flawless. Although tomorrow I could possibly change my answer to Wallace because of how cool he is.
  7. Lorelai Gilmore - Gilmore Girls
    She shares my coffee addiction and tendency to talk to fast. I'm not quite as witty but I strive to be