1. High-waisted pants
  2. Dark lipstick
  3. The scent of my favorite candle
    Right now it's Tobacco Flower by Francesca's - absolutely amazing
  4. Stimulating conversation
  5. Awesome movies
  6. Enthralling books
  7. Adjectives
    Can you tell?
  8. Discovering new music
  9. Listening to music in general
    Except country tbh
  10. Interesting people
  11. When those people listen to/like my recommendations
    Be it a movie, an artist, a restaurant, etc.
  12. The ocean
  13. Looking up at the sky
    And simultaneously feeling small and connected with the rest of the planet
  14. My bed
  15. This leather jacket I found at a thrift store once
  16. Photobooths
  17. Letters