1. Man wearing all green outfit (including shoes and hair)
    I wonder what his favorite color is?
  2. Two pugs being pulled by their owner in a wagon
  3. A businessman traveling via razor scooter
  4. A man who did a very obvious double take at his own reflection
    Most of us like to look at ourselves but we gotta be discreet here.
  5. Two friends laughing really fucking hard
    Wish I were doing that. Traffic is never funny.
  6. A girl holding a fistful of pale pink feathers
    I know they're light (as feathers lol) but why??
  7. So. Many. Starbucks cups.
  8. A full hat rack
    Being pushed along by its owner. Whose hat rack is ever full? I have zero hats and feel like that's a normal amount.
  9. A unicyclist
    "Cyclist" makes him sound professional. He isn't. Looks like quite a wobbly ride if I'm being honest.
  10. Oh, and also countless cars.
    I LOVE driving in the city.