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In no particular order.
  1. His parents' house
    These nights all blend together because they were...insane. Drinking games galore. Drunk dialing from his backyard. Helping Joey climb out of the egress????
  2. All Shook Up
    Reuniting. Drinking wine and planning dance concerts on Wednesdays. Whispering song lyrics, and asking him if he's seen my dad in scene 1.
  3. A Chorus Line
    Where we first met.
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My first list, in honor of my first follower :). Feel free to add any that I am forgetting.
  1. Salmon and potatoes
    We weren't old enough to go to the bar, so we stayed home, and made up our own drinking game. And made a dinner of salmon and potatoes. I might be combining two nights...but oh well.
  2. Losing my pants in bed
  3. Two person dance party
    To Rob Thomas none-the-less.
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