My Favorite Memories With Ethan Young

In no particular order.
  1. His parents' house
    These nights all blend together because they were...insane. Drinking games galore. Drunk dialing from his backyard. Helping Joey climb out of the egress????
  2. All Shook Up
    Reuniting. Drinking wine and planning dance concerts on Wednesdays. Whispering song lyrics, and asking him if he's seen my dad in scene 1.
  3. A Chorus Line
    Where we first met.
  4. Willy Wonka Jr.
    You can keep the others. Cuz me....I'm a wonkerer. Also becoming pregnant wasn't cool. But I'm glad he was there.
  5. The Drowsy Chaperone
    SURPRISE. Vwhile you can. I don't know. Just like the most fun onstage ever.
    It's now occurring to me that our entire friendship is based on productions. This remains one of my proudest moments. I don't know why we were so determined to carry this idea all the way through, but I am glad we did!!
  7. Dancing to Beyoncé and Rihanna in my living room.
    This, to me, represents every night that we were just sitting around and ended up wasted.
  8. That one time we had so much fun before he got there.
  9. Disney Land
    So fucking magical.