1. FanDuel: If you had ten cents for every time you heard about some guy who allegedly won a lot of money in FanDuel, you'd have as much money as that guy who allegedly won a lot of money in FanDuel.
  2. FanDuel: Because sometimes betting on a "team" to "win" a game seems a little too arbitrary.
  3. FanDuel: not the Alexander Hamilton kind.
  4. FanDuel: Because everyone blames their losses on their opponent cheating, so why not have it be true?
  5. FanDuel: It's not pathetic to emotionally and financially invest yourself in the outcome of a Jaguars game.
  6. FanDuel: Because if it's not technically gambling, you can't have a gambling problem.
  7. FanDuel: Enter promo code AFANFORALLSEASONS and they'll let you bet on the weird, freaky stuff.
  8. FanDuel: No, we don't have horse racing. How would that even work?
  9. FanDuel: It's time for a new most embarrassing thing on your credit card bill.
  10. FanDuel: Enjoy it before the Feds make it illegal.