1. Tom Hanks
    I was lucky enough to meet the Mayor of Hollywood at a table read for a play. After the reading, as I nervously approached him, he reached out his hand and said, "Hi, I'm Tom," as though he were some sort of normal person (and not the world's most beloved movie star). We then enjoyed a good laugh after he said, "You were the star of the show" (I read the stage direction). This is man is the gold standard.
  2. Kate Mara
    I was lucky enough to have scenes with Kate in a pilot (that she was clearly doing as a favor to some friends). In the script, she and I didn't have any interaction, but since the shoot was heavily improvised, she kept pulling me and giving me more to do. This was incredibly cool of her to let someone who was just happy to be there really feel like he was part of the team.
  3. Ron Jeremy
    I saw Ron one night last summer at the Grove. He was with a group of women that look the way you expect women who spend time with Ron Jeremy to look.
  4. Evan Stone
    Yet another encounter with an adult film star. This time, I was at an audition and he was just hanging out there. When I first saw him, my immediate thought was, "Am I really auditioning for what I think I'm auditioning for?" But then I remembered that there were also children auditioning, so it was all good.
  5. Ruben Fleischer
    Two years ago, I interned at the casting agency that was casting a pilot that he was directing. Every time an actor walked in to audition, Ruben would loudly and excitedly greet them. I loved this because auditioning is such a stressful process and this makes you feel like you are actually welcome, which allows everyone to do their best work.
  6. Matthew Weiner
    I saw Matt (I call him Matt now that we've shared the same air space) this weekend only a week after the end of Mad Men. He was excitedly ordering various deserts at the bakery section of Canter's Deli. It just goes to show, whether you're a brilliant writer, or some shlub (in this scenario, I'm a shlub), everyone gets excited about baked goods.