I work as a manny for a nine year old boy who often says outrageously funny things. Hopefully, this list will get him an overall development deal with Warner Brothers.
  1. "A penis has its own brain. It controls itself. It's freaky. "
    I think he will greatly benefit from sex ed in a couple of years.
  2. Simply singing "Uptown Funk"
  3. "Castle is spelled so weird. Also, I ate sand one time when I was little."
  4. "My hair on my arm is like a forest."
  5. "I need to use the bathroom. Actually, I'm just going to lie down."
  6. (With a big grin on his face) "My anaconda don't..."
  7. "I kind of want to spit on my hand and then do an armpit fart."
  8. "One of the advantages of night swimming: no sunscreen. Score!"
  9. (While watching "House") "Why is everything about sex with doctors?"
  10. "That's a disturbing question. There's an ad that says, 'Who will you marry?'"
    Even at 24, I find that to be a disturbing question.