These are strange facts about me that are absolutely real
  1. I have three nipples
    My third nipple is not a full on Man with the Golden nipple, but it is 100% there. My dermatologist, Dr. John Williams, confirmed it (in between scoring the best movies).
  2. I cannot close my right eye without closing my left eye
    I make up for it though with my excellent left eye winks.
  3. I do not go in the ocean
    On a completely unrelated note, Jaws is one of my favorite movies.
  4. My first three girlfriends were named Samantha
    Sami (spring of third grade to December of fourth grade), Sammi (March of fourth grade to mid summer), Sam (sixth grade: not even two days).
  5. I have a scar on my lip and I cannot remember where it came from.
    Perhaps, one of the Samanthas can shed some light on this issue.