Thirteen Reasons Why, a novel by Jay Asher, is about a high school girl named Hannah Baker who commits suicide. Before killing herself, she makes a list of 13 reasons why she is going to commit suicide, and each of those reasons are people in her life. She records tapes telling each person's story, and sends them out to each person before she dies.
  1. I read the book before watching the show.
    We were required to read it for Honors Freshman Language Arts in high school. Hands-down the best book I have ever been required to read. I liked it so much I actually read it twice during the summer it was assigned. I haven't read it since then, but when I found out it was going to be a show on Netflix I was super pumped. Each hour long episode is dedicated to one of Hannah's tapes (!) which I thought was going to be really nice to get all the details from the book into the show, but...
  2. The show does not follow the book!
    Yes, the show has the same characters and has the same story of Hannah's suicide and shows Clay listening to the tapes, but about 75-80% of the show was NOT IN THE BOOK. The show focused on the other character's back stories so much, that by the end I felt like Hannah's tape actually took up maybe 10 minutes of the episode and the other 50 minutes were created to feature the other characters. It felt disrespectful that her story was put on hold while the other characters took the spotlight.
  3. Clay Jensen and Those Stupid Red Beats by Dre
    In the book, Clay receives the tapes, and listens to them all in one day. It is hard for him to listen, but he binges. In the show, however, it takes Clay weeks to listen to all of the tapes, which is so unbelievable if this were to happen in real life. I see tons of people on social media complaining about how Clay took so long to listen to those tapes but THAT'S! NOT! HOW! IT! REALLY! HAPPENED!
  4. Clay Jensen Is A Bully
    In the book, Clay doesn't really interact with the other people on the tapes in real time since he goes through them all in one night. But since he takes his good old time in the show, he confronts every person on the tapes and bullies some of them by getting revenge. THIS IS A BOOK ABOUT SUICIDE, WHY IS THE PROTAGONIST BULLYING EVERYONE ???!!
    I understand that memes have been what has made the Twitterverse go 'round these past few months. But making memes about this show is not okay. There's nothing funny or comical about this story; it's a serious topic that should be respected. Please stop treating it like it's Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars or some other show filled with high school drama because that's not what the focus of the story is. It's about how every little thing you do can have a big impact on someone's life.
  6. Stop Fantasizing Characters In This Show
    The show's choice to feature the other characters more has distracted viewers in a way that they are missing the point of Hannah's story. People are tweeting heart eyes at Jeff Atkins and saying he should have had more of a story. Guess what? This isn't his story. This is HANNAH'S story. To the girls who say Clay is setting high standards for guys: he is literally doing the bare minimum here. Having respect and caring for women should not be a high standard, it should be a requirement.
  7. People Are Overlooking Rape to Get Retweets/Favorites
    Elise says it all. Something as serious as rape is not something to mess around with, so maybe you should think twice before trying to make that hashtag relatable post.
  8. Seriously?
    People are so naive, I swear. Hannah was bullied. Hannah was slut shamed. There were countless rumors spread about Hannah throughout her high school career. Hannah witnessed one of her classmates being raped. Hannah was then raped BY THAT SAME GUY. Hannah reached out for help but wasn't taken seriously, and all of these events added up equated to her suicide. Yet people still aren't taking it seriously after her story is told !!!! It's so incredibly frustrating.
    So much shit happened. Another suicide at the school, the tapes were released to Hannah's parents, Justin ran away, Tyler has tons of guns, and Bryce has confessed to raping Hannah, which has been given to Mr. Porter and her parents. Is Alex dead? Is Bryce going to jail? Is anyone else going to jail? What happened when Sheri confessed? Is Jessica okay? So many unanswered questions, so many possibilities for a second season. Part of me is interested, but mostly annoyed at all the added drama.
  10. Moral of the Rant: No One Understands the Moral of the Story
    After I finished reading the book five years ago, the message Jay Asher sent was remarkably clear: you never know what's going on in a person's life and the way you treat others really affects how a person thinks about themselves. After watching the show, it seems like lots of people think the moral of the story is "if you kill yourself you'll only cause a lot of drama". I'm sorry, Hannah. I wish the world was giving this impeccable story the respect it deserves, and I hope someday it will.