~in no particular order~
  1. @IEatInTheShower
    the man, the myth, the legend. patiently waiting for his return.
  2. @CountVonCount
    ah! ah! ah!
  3. @A_single_bear
    in the words of christopher robin: silly old bear!
  4. @AnnaKendrick47
    my home girl
  5. @DailyOddComp
    really cute, awkward compliments typed out on pastel backgrounds. i tweeted a compliment to them and they followed me back, so you could say that i peaked in 9th grade.
  6. @MattBellassai
    i have notifications for his tweets, this is how much i love him. i wanted to see him live this summer but his show sold out :(
  7. @DennysDiner
    best social media account for a chain restaurant, i hope whoever runs this account never dies
  8. @ProBirdRights
    i'm pretty sure this is how my brain talks
  9. @AwkGrlPrblms
    she's not as active on twitter anymore but she was my hero freshman/sophomore year of high school. she favorited and replied to one of my tweets once, and i about died.