📸 Screenshots on My Camera Roll, Explained

i apologize in advance for i have sinned
  1. My boyfriend whom I love very much got a little flustered when I screenshotted his snap. Naturally, I screenshotted his reaction.
  2. A couple nights ago I saw a picture of a big spider on my timeline and it was very uncalled for since I was already in bed and I couldn't fall asleep so I muted these words from my timeline forever with hopes to never see them ever again. Hopefully this setting has been applied to real life creatures with more than six legs, too.
  3. i don't care if this is conceited but i felt like this was spot on and when a buzzfeed quiz has accurate results you have to document them
  4. every time i do a facebook thing like this where it goes through my friends it always picks leah satterwaite and it makes my heart happy because she's probably longest friendship i've ever had and this result was really accurate