1. Nurse Jackie
    I watched this with my roommate as a bonding experience when I first moved in. The show started off kinda slow but once the characters were more developed it got us hooked. A weird show where the main character is the good guy but also the bad guy - an interesting perspective in the life of an addict.
  2. La La Land
    i loved it but i couldn't help but wish that they would have had real fucking talented singers as the leads instead of ryan and emma. i love them dearly, and they did a nice job, this is just me being a musical theater snob. HOWEVER. i looked it up and RYAN GOSLING IS ACTUALLY PLAYING THE PIANO THROUGHOUT THE MOVIE. TALK ABOUT HOT.
  3. Scandal
    I started watching in November 2016 but got too caught up in school to finish. Binged a ton of this show and am obsessed. The amount of suspense and drama Shonda Rhimes is able to create is incredible. Currently watch it every Friday night after a long week of work.
  4. Miss You Already
    i hadn't heard of this but it looked promising on showtime but oh my godddddd it was so good. definitely need a box of tissues for this one. i watched this shortly after collin's death and sobbed the whole night; powerful stuff.
  5. A Series of Unfortunate Events
    I personally enjoyed the movie better than the show. They need to stop casting comedians as Count Olaf, because I love Jim Carey and NPH too much to be scared of them. But, it was nice to replenish this series, and I'm excited to watch the second season.
  6. This Is Us
  7. Burnt
    cliché but honestly is that a bad thing??? also bradley cooper can bear my children any day of the week
  8. Hidden Figures
    i saw this in theaters with farah after work one day, and i'm so glad we went. such an amazing story and such appropriate timing, in my opinion.
  9. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
    Ellie Kemper is my spirit animal. Love this show, and the theme song is the catchiest tune I have ever heard. FEmales are STRONG AS HELL! Can't wait for Season 3!
  10. The Mindy Project
    Obsessed. Mindy Kaling is hilarious and I love her with all my heart. I stopped watching so I could read her books, but I'll start again soon.
  11. Bob's Burgers
    i don't know why it took me 20 years to start but god almighty thank you jesus. i started and stopped but i will definitely pick up again during studio time at daap!!!
  12. Beauty and the Beast (2017)
    an emotional nostalgic rollercoaster, also confirming my love and adoration for emma watson
  13. Thirteen Reasons Why
    I already ranted a list about this show, but as a production and not comparing it to the book, it was very well executed. Makes you want to sit down an watch all the episodes in one night, which is how a show should feel. Again, from the standpoint of just the show and not the book, I want there to be a second season.
  14. Master Chef Junior
    I have no shame. This show gives me life, and never fails to make me cry.
  15. The Boss
    when is melissa mccarthy not entertaining? i love how her husband is always a co-star in movies with her, and they almost always have the most awkward scenes.
  16. The Office (U.S.)
    I'm definitely late to the game on this one, but I felt the need to try and watch the show again after reading Mindy and B.J.'s books. I am very glad I gave it another chance!! And now I can finally understand all the references made by my friends. Also Phyllis is everything to me, I would bid $1,000.01 for a hug from her.
  17. Hidden Figures (again)
    this time i watched it with my mom and baby sisters, felt good to watch it again with people i love and look up to
  18. 11.22.63
    i started watching this on my plane home from seattle, since it was one of the free hulu series that they had available. i had heard of it and it seemed interesting, so i thought this was the perfect opportunity to start. and ohhhhhh my god this series is SO GOOD. i'm not a huge history person but this series had me hooked from the first ten minutes. this is one of those shows i will tell everyone to watch! plus james franco!! wow!!!
  19. Master of None
    so attracted to aziz wowowowow
  20. To the Bone
  21. Moana
  22. Enchanted
  23. The Vow
  24. Mean Girls
    (had an accidental rachel mcaddams marathon)
  25. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
  26. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone