my brain is like a sponge (filled with bacteria, probably)
  1. Biotin helps achieve stronger nails, skin, and hair, so naturally as the adult I am I bought the gummi supplement.
    (this is now the second gummi vitamin i take on the reg)
  2. Apply coconut oil ~before~ and ~after~ shaving your penis fly trap so that she doesn't feel like an itchy volcano after being groomed.
    (thank you @hot_slice_of_py and @taytaybangerz via finsta)
  3. Randy Jackson is Michael Jackson's younger brother !!!!
    (also, Randy is famous for being in The Jackson 5, not just being the best judge on American Idol, which is what i thought he was originally famous for) (oops)
  4. Crescent Rolls are just fluffy, edible dildos.
    (and i will never look at the pillsbury dough boy the same way again)
  5. The infamous Dairy Queen $5 Buck Lunch is technically read aloud as "Five Dollar Buck Lunch!" Sad!
    (i have a theory donald trump will actually tweet this someday)
  6. Real adults are worse at communicating than teenagers.
    During my co-op I've learned a lot of things. But this is probably my #1.