I used to work at an upscale children's boutique in Austin, TX. I loved working in retail and e-commerce and being around kids all the time was an amazing experience....
  1. When spring rolled around, we hired a couple of high school girls at the store to work part-time on the weekends.
  2. One of the girls was incredibly shy.
  3. As someone who was also incredibly shy at 16, I knew that I had to go out of my way to make her feel more comfortable.
  4. Little by little we became friends.
  5. Now, I love her like a little sister I never had.
  6. In a society (especially w/ girls) where it seems cool to be bitchy for fun...
  7. Just remember that being nice to someone can not only be the right thing to do but also lead to a friendship you would have never expected
  8. It's her 18th birthday today and I'm just so proud of the confident and hilarious girl she's become
  9. And I know that in some small way, I may have had a hand in how badass and cool she's grown up to be.
  10. That's the best gift ever.