I saw 4 movies this week. Well, technically 6 if I include the Wes Craven tribute at the Egyptian last Sunday, but Nightmare on Elm Street and Serpent and the Rainbow are sacred and off-limits.
  1. Room
    Incredible. If you have opportunity to go see it, please do. And don't read reviews beforehand. I'm so happy I went in fairly blind and got to experience it like that.
  2. Steve Jobs
    I mean, I'll jump on the bandwagon. There's just something about a Sorkin antihero, no?
  3. The Martian
    The soundtrack alone was enough for me. I'll go see this again next week just for shits and giggles. Also, it's totally a movie that wouldn't be weird to see with your parents/grandparents.
  4. Truth
    I feel like a terrible person for putting this last because I love Robert Redford as much as the next girl. There were just moments in the script that killed it for me. Maybe see it? The story alone is worth sitting through the points where the dialogue gets kinda shaky. Bonus: Topher Grace went to my high school and was my graduation speaker.