How I'm relaxing before this Final Exam

And by relaxing I mean procrastinating
  1. Playing online card games usually enjoyed by senior citizens
    I'm talking: Gin Rummy, Solitaire, and Euchre. If I were a real glutton for punishment, I would have decided that now's the perfect time to buckle down and learn Bridge. Alas, another day.
  2. Reviewing class notes
    Though, it feels like I've learned all I'm gonna learn...
  3. Listening to Alabama Shakes
    Some of the best clean guitar tones I've heard in a while, dripping in reverb. Really tasteful playing. Great arrangements. Despite being indie rock darlings, I still feel they're under-rated and have a lot more good stuff to come.
  4. (Finally) getting into
    I checked it out when I first signed up. Way back when. I regret missing out on it til now. Sup Dev!
  5. Thinking about my upcoming free time
    A sweet 4 weeks between school and internship. Other than a planned baby moon to Bermuda (I'll take "Things I never thought I'd say a year ago" for $2,000 Alex), I've got nothing on the books. This warrants its own sub-list[s], certainly.