Now that I've finished the last full-time semester of my Masters:
  1. Won't: the schlep from Philly to NYC
    So long Megabus and BoltBus. It's been real.
  2. Will: the long weekends at home
    Got to spend lots of quality time with my wife and my dog. Cherished every second.
  3. Won't: the food on campus
    Except the boba tea, which was killer
  4. Will: overhearing undergrad conversations
    There's something really sweet and innocent about the way a freshman thinks the world will end if she doesn't finish reading the Iliad.
  5. Won't: overhearing MBA conversations
    Dude, I don't care who was at the bar last night, nor do I care about your buddy who got an offer from Goldman. Also, why are you shouting this in a library?
  6. Will: being exposed to new ideas
    I learned a lot this year, and was able to patch some major gaps in my computer science / statistics knowledge base. I also got exposure to the state of the art in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, all of which is super complicated but truly fascinating
  7. Won't: feeling stupid for not understanding something right away, or knowing less than others
    When you're surrounded by the best and brightest, you can't help but feel inferior occasionally.