THANK YOU @rachelb!! You're still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model
  1. Cycle 6
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    My favorite ANTM cycle is 6. Danielle is my #1 fave contestant EVER. She is funny, smart, INSANELY FIERCE, and stays above the drama. I WISH I WERE HER IS WHAT IM SAYING. And it was hard to even pick my favorite photoshoot of hers. Additionally, the other contestants also ROCK. In particular JADE. Reality tv legend! "This is not America's Next Top Best Friend"
  2. Cycle 4
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    Cycle 4 is also the bomb. A very very close second!! Here are just some of the amazing things from this season: #BeQuietTiffany OBVIOUSLY, Kahlen (my second fave contestant ever), Michelle gets impetigo, the seven deadly sins photoshoot, Brittany being crazy, Keenyah gaining weight and then getting cast as an elephant and gluttony in the seven deadly sins is So Good.
  3. Cycle 3
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    EVAAAAA I love her. Also Tocarra!!!! And nbd Taye Diggs stops by 😵😵😵
  4. Cycle 1
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    The original!!! ADRIANNE. Also the moment when Jay Manuel (💖) reveals that Robin had "shaken her breasts at him" is just 👌🏻
  5. Cycle 7
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    Good season bc it still feels like the Golden Age of Top Model to me, but not as amazing as the previously mentioned ones. I do love Caridee, that wacky bitch 😍. Love the twins too. And Melrose..............gtfo. Hate that you could take good pics tho girl
  6. Cycle 8
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    Jaslene is fierce from DAY ONE. Honestly she doesn't have any super-strong competition this season imo, and the cycle suffers a little bc of that. Although Natasha 😂😂😂😂 she actually does well! And she is SO FUNNY she just reminds of Helena the whole time, with the accent and constant "mah bebe" talk. AND that one girl's weave is always, like falling off of her head and it's amazing
  7. Cycle 2
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    *DISCLAIMER* I haven't watched this one in ages and so I think it should maybe be ranked higher! But as of now, the main things that stand out to me about this season are this bomb helmet pic of Yoanna and that girl who had lupus. And Camille of courrrrssseeeeeee
  8. Cycle 5
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    Boring. Boooorrriiiinnngggggg. Kim and Nik had cool looks though. Nik was robbed tbh.
  9. Cycle 9
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    Not really a Saleisha fan. She is good and has a killer walk, but her 'tude annoyed me. I prefer to want to be friends with the winners, is that so wrong???