They're all hot either way and they can do whatever they want with their hair, but I'd love to see a Curl Comeback™ bc their curls make me say 😍😍😍 and these pics make me want to stop straightening my own messy curls forever!
  1. Keri Russell
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  2. Mariah Carey
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  3. Taylor Swift
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  4. Justin Timberlake
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    Two very different hair textures. I miss yer curlz JT!
  5. Juno Temple
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  6. Sarah Jessica Parker
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  7. Julia Louis-Dreyfus
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  8. Julia Roberts
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  9. Debra Messing
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  10. Nicole Kidman
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  11. That girl from the 90210 reboot
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  12. Hilarie Burton
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  13. Julianna Margulies
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  14. Erika Christensen
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  15. Jane Krakowski