1. I took this pic on accident while I was talking
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  2. Proud of my Jungle Cruise t-shirt
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  3. My dad raised my sister and me on the band They Might Be Giants, and this year we finally got to see them in concert for the first time
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  4. The Veep Twitter people sent me a free Selina Meyer t-shirt!!
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    It pays to tweet obsessively ab your shows!!!! Hint follow my tv tweets @girlmeetsshow hint I'm annoying af
  5. Ran into one of my best best friends, Michelle, who moved to New York and I only get to see once a year if I'm lucky! 😭
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  6. I wrote "walmart" on my hand before bed and I woke up with it on my face
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  7. Sisters at Disneyland cc @patrish
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  8. Rare selfie with my brother ❤️
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  9. Finally met my Twitter gals cc @heidiselover
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  10. I was in Orlando for 24 hrs and went to Disney World alone and it was so amazing
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  11. I babysat my friends' sweet, crazy dogs
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  12. Sister and me on our temporary home street in Paris
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  13. Sibs in Germany
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  14. Stuck on an airplane runway for 3 hrs in the middle of the night 💀💀💀
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  15. Girl band in a fancy bathroom for Christmas 😎😎😎 cc @Mamckinlay @rachelb
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  16. mama got some fancy new sunglasses
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  17. Christmas kween
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