1. I took this pic on accident while I was talking
  2. Proud of my Jungle Cruise t-shirt
  3. My dad raised my sister and me on the band They Might Be Giants, and this year we finally got to see them in concert for the first time
  4. The Veep Twitter people sent me a free Selina Meyer t-shirt!!
    It pays to tweet obsessively ab your shows!!!! Hint follow my tv tweets @girlmeetsshow hint I'm annoying af
  5. Ran into one of my best best friends, Michelle, who moved to New York and I only get to see once a year if I'm lucky! 😭
  6. I wrote "walmart" on my hand before bed and I woke up with it on my face
  7. Sisters at Disneyland cc @patrish
  8. Rare selfie with my brother ❤️
  9. Finally met my Twitter gals cc @heidiselover
  10. I was in Orlando for 24 hrs and went to Disney World alone and it was so amazing
  11. I babysat my friends' sweet, crazy dogs
  12. Sister and me on our temporary home street in Paris
  13. Sibs in Germany
  14. Stuck on an airplane runway for 3 hrs in the middle of the night 💀💀💀
  15. Girl band in a fancy bathroom for Christmas 😎😎😎 cc @Mamckinlay @rachelb
  16. mama got some fancy new sunglasses
  17. Christmas kween