I try to work these into conversation as often as I can
  1. "the long con"
  2. "put the kibosh on ______"
  3. "ripped him/her a new one"
  4. "bedroom eyes"
  5. "it's kismet"
  6. One of my best friends in middle school would always tell us the best words she learned in Hebrew school. So many different ways to say penis
  7. "the old college try"
  8. "right in the kisser"
    My favorite is to say it when someone gets hit somewhere OTHER than the mouth. Like the butt 😂😂 classic
  9. "I'm kvelling"
    Combining both Yiddish and Clueless quotes 💖
  10. "like gang busters"
  11. "randy"
    like in the sexual way