1. Pepe memes
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  2. When one person puts their arms behind their back and another person stands behind them and puts their arms through and makes it look like their arms are the first person's arms
  3. When celebrities do impressions of other celebrities
  5. When posters fall off the wall
    Idk why but this makes me laugh very very hard
  6. Whenever I think of this story I laugh so hard I cry for some reason: this one time this year
    a pizza delivery guy came to our house at 3 am to deliver pizza that the boys who live upstairs apparently forgot they ordered, and the guy just kept knocking on our door and saying "Pizza pizza!🎶" over and over and over for like 20 min, until finally I heard my roommate wake up in a panic and run to the front door (while I pretended to be asleep bc I was scared) and the guy was like "Pizza pizza??" And she had to go knock on the boys' door upstairs.
  7. Farts
  8. Talking about farts
  9. YouTube montages of Steve Harvey reacting to Family Feud contestants
  10. All blooper reels
  11. George Costanza
    Literally every word that comes out of his mouth
  12. Billy Eichner