1. Bad facial hair
    ie patchy or not uniform--like a soul patch or that kind of goatee that is only on the chin and no hair anywhere else or a lone mustache
  2. Incapable of being goofy or weird
    Like too serious or just DULLLLL
  3. Lame shoes
    How hard is it for a guy to get some cool sexy shoes?? Apparently very
  4. Liking guns
  5. Making people feel bad for liking some band/movie/show/etc
    Can't you just let them/me like the thing and move on? Do you have to make us feel like idiots?? Gtfo
  6. Thinks he's the funniest one in the room and gets mad if anyone else tries to make any jokes too
    Plus they never are actually the funniest one in the room
  7. Rage problems
  8. Loving "Family Guy"