1. Estranged/deadbeat parent comes back
    Boring af and the parent always disappoints the kid at the end of the story arc
  2. Surprise child from a protagonist's past arrives
    The surprise child is always annoying and causes lame fights between characters. Jabbar in Parenthood is an exception bc he's introduced in the pilot. (aka The April Nardini™)
  3. Badly-timed bedfellows
    A couple has problems and one of them sleeps with someone else and immediately after, the other person is all "I was wrong I'm sorry!" and everything goes to 💩. (aka The Ross Geller™)
  4. Murder
    In a non-murdery show. (aka The Landry™)
  5. Money lies
    Someone spends money he or she doesn't have, lies about it to his or her significant other, and is surprised when it blows up in his or her face
  6. Rape
    Why has it become the default way to give a female character legitimacy/motivation/etc. (aka The Ryan Murphy™)