coast days

slightly less cliche canggu moments
  1. the deliciously warm smell of the next morning's bread baking, riding past coffee & oven at midnight
  2. breath-holding zone where the cow farm hides, between batu bolong and the shortcut
  3. wondering if floating in the ocean for hours (aside from quitting my job and moving to another country) for a two second wave is worth it (it is)
  4. looking up into the night and realising we will never run out of stars
  5. full moon, riding to the beach to watch the sea (again and again and forever again)
  6. feasting as a way of life
    just for starters
  7. sweet deals at starbucks
    this month it is getting your drink at 50% off with every food order
  8. swell / the electric excitement is palpable in the atmosphere. it's on everyone's lips, the words on the streets - fathers boasting about daughters charging, photos from the bukit flooding social media, arguing ocean politics, secret spots and broken boards, the rumbling of the ocean at night from the room / dazed and confused with froth in my eyes
    of course i am staying in
  9. beachwalk movie dates
  10. sunset reflected off rice paddies
  11. when the sunset sets everything alight and i have to voice the unpopular opinion that finns is beautiful in the gold
  12. dramatic plumes of smoke from harvest burning
  13. cross-referencing swell size / wind / tide to predict conditions but riding down to check it out anyway
  14. waiting yonks for food 💔
  15. being spoilt and getting tired of restaurant food everyday everywhere
    give me hawker centres and spicy soup
  16. conceding that as an asian i will never like cold cuts and cheese