1. I didn't die
  2. My playlist chose "red" by Taylor Swift (which I think, retroactively, she wrote a powerful ballad about her period--because of all this Trump stuff)
  3. Friends was on the treadmill TV
  4. The only other people in the gym were very old. I was doing chin-ups. I'm basically a super-hero to these people.
  5. My playlist chose a Robyn song
  6. I didn't see my gym crush which would normally be a bad thing but today I wore a too-tight tank top which made my top half look like a weird egg or the Hamburger Helper mascot in a fist, so I was glad
  7. My playlist chose an Arcade Fire song (from Funeral)
  8. No one talked to me
  9. It's still warm out so I didn't have to wear sweat pants and then change in the gross locker room
  10. I didn't cry