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  1. I am good with the way I am right now for the first time in the longest time and nobody can take that away from me.
  2. I saw pictures of a perfect weekend from girls I used to envy... and I don't envy them anymore... I don't know where it came from but it hit me that I might not have their perfect body or all their friends or all their likes or all their parties, but I have what I have and it is more than plenty and more than what I deserve, and I'm happy with that
  3. One step at a time, you put one feet in front of the other everyday and one day when you'll turn aroud you'll realise you've climbed a moutain
    -A quote from Tom Hiddleston I keep on my desktop
  1. He snapchatted me after months of no sign of life to either me or our friends, no snap back in our group snap, and months of trying to get over him. I seriously feel like throwing up
    The worst is that he snapped me b/c of the John Mayer quote I posted on my instagram post but took down because I felt like it was too personnal to post..... when asked why i took it down i came with a lame ass excuse and said I'll post it back later. FUCK. The reason I felt it was too personnal was because of you fuck.
@josianearseneau on instagram
  1. Frozen
    Not a lot of people understood the theme Frozen was dealing with. I did. Because I was depressed just like Elsa. I cried a lot the first time I watched it but in the long run it helped me deal with my sadness and my helplessness and to this day I can confidently affirm that I am not depressed anymore:) (six years and a few scars later)
  2. Tangled
    My go to movie anytime I can't decide what I want to watch. Anybody who knows me knows how deep my love is for this movie. The message of hope and freedom and belief and following your dreams is everything I wish my life would be like. It helped me be fascinated about things I love and life in general, but most of all it helped me realise that having an unrealistic dream isn't so unrealistic if you have the right person by your side.
  3. Moana
    It only hit me the second time I watched it why I related so much with this movie. She searches throughout the whole movie who she is and is confused because she wants two things but can't have both. The scene on the boat with her grandma (spoilers) when she yells "Come what may, I know the way... I am Moana!!" is the scene where I realised that the voice inside us is who we are (cheesy, but it's very important to me hahah)
  4. More to come I'm just tired or writing
I do have friends I can say everything to, but sometimes it's complicated...
  1. One of my best friend snapchatted me
    Not a big deal, I know. But it's the fact that while he lives three doors from mine, we barely see each other since we graduated from high school 3 years ago. And today he saw me outside while he was driving by my house, he honked at me and a few hours later he snapchatted me saying he wanted to hang out. The thing is tho, he broke up with his 5 years girlfriend which also happens to be my friend. Now, you might be thinking something along the lines of ooh she loves him she wants to ask him out.
  2. But no, I've never seen him that way and he's the only real platonic friendship with a guy I've ever had and I don't want to break that.
    It's just a very comforting thought that he still wants to hang out with me (and the boys, because yes, that's the kind of relationship I have with him: I can hang out with the boys too). Life is great✌🏻
  3. I thought my sister was going to kill herself the other day
    She finally answered my 376th phone call, I picked her up on the side of the road and we talked for hours at our beach house
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  1. Watching the BMS season finale on my laptop
    While said laptop is sitting on a pile of clothes I stopped folding to watch BMS
  2. My opened window that has no other purpose than letting the sound of the wind through the leaves come in
    Because it's like 15 degrees celcius hotter outside than inside
  3. My ceiling fan keeping me alive
    My bedroom is at 27 degrees celcius😓
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  1. There's no reason the alphabet should be in this order
  2. Handwriting is the equivalent of someone's voice
  3. Why is Bologna pronounced Baloney?
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  1. Friends that are excited when they see you
  2. Thunderstorms
  3. Looking at the time in the middle of the night and you realise you have 3< hours left
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