1. Friends that are excited when they see you
  2. Thunderstorms
  3. Looking at the time in the middle of the night and you realise you have 3< hours left
  4. "This reminded me of you"
  5. Perfectly parked car
  6. Pineapples
  7. Crossing something off your bucketlist
  8. Sunrises
  9. Singing along to your favorite song in your car at the top of your lungs
  10. Bonfires with friends and a guitar/ukulele
  11. When it snows very lightly
  12. Spring breeze
  13. White christmas lights hanging outside on a warm summer night
  14. When you look around and realise everyone who's with you are truly and undeniably your friends.
    Because we know there's a lot of fake people out there.
  15. Getting that piece of popcorn out of you gum
  16. When you know you have nowhere to be, no obligations on this day and the possibilities of what you could do today are endless but you stay at home watching netflix