My favorite black actresses, ranked

Siked, they aren't ranked because they are all beautiful
  1. Viola Davis
    How to Get Away with Murder constantly blows my mind and she has such a complex character that I love.
  2. Kerry Washington
    Another Shonda Rhimes show, another strong black woman who inspires me to constantly be confident in my blackness and womanhood.
  3. Taraji P. Henson
    aka Cookie from Empire. If I had an alter ego, I would want it to be her. She's a female version of a hustler: a diva.
  4. Oprah Winfrey
  5. Regina King
    More like Regina Queen am I right?
  6. Maya Rudolph
    My humor is inspired by her. Forever missing her on SNL
  7. Abourey Sidibe
    I love the amount of fucks she gives (which is none if you didn't know). One badass chick.
  8. Uzo Aduba
    Alright, time to put the spotlight on some of the OITNB cast. Makes me fall in love with Crazy Eyes and deserves so many awards for that role.
  9. Laverne Cox
    She really opened my eyes on transgender issues through her role in OITNB. I love what she does for the trans community, more than Caitlyn Jenner in my opinion.
  10. Danielle Brooks
    She makes prison clothes look freaking Gucci. I love that she is moving to Broadway for more people to appreciate her.