There is a boy and a girl in me that I love in someways more than I care to acknowledge. I am now an adult though which is very confusing for others to comprehend.
  1. The person within my soul has both sexualities that make it difficult for people to comprehend.
  2. I've both loved my gays and loved my women on an equal basis.
  3. This is extremely confusing for all you simply straight minded people.
  4. I choose not to be labeled and should be respected not categorized by bigoted souls.
  5. Just because there are men who choose to be openly gay nowadays does not mean that I need to conform to their standards of what "gay" is, as they had time to flourish into their sexual orientation as should I.
  6. If you are bisexual that's a sexual nature not affiliated with my own.
    We are simply not the same spiritually
  7. This is simply my being, if you can not accept me... I hope you learn some day the difference between actual love and hate.
  8. You may choose to call me transsexual, it's a good groundwork to cover where my sexuality might be but still does not address my true nature.
  9. This again, I feel I have to clarify, is only my own sexuality and all others are not allowed into my beliefs. Case in point, you all do not have my religious preference either, my sexuality and that spirituality with my mind create me and my identity.
    You are more than welcome to try and breach my trust and say we have commonality but you will definitely never be me.
  10. Food for thought