A list of things I've accomplished (although "accomplished" might be too loose of a word)
  1. Just googled "Can I microwave guacamole"
    The first response was "Guacamole isn't usually served hot." I'm slightly ashamed to admit that I never pay for guac at Chipotle so I wasn't totally sure
  2. Sent this to my younger brother to let them know I'm still alive
    359f2585 f7ab 4388 bc2e b2f807e164fa
    Pretty sure it's technically not a burrito and just a "wrap" but you have to exaggerate a bit for the parents to be impressed
  3. Stopped myself from having a panic attack because I thought today was trash day and I didn't do the trash
  4. Stopped myself from having a panic attack again because I wouldn't know what I'd do if I had a panic attack as a result of previous error of thought that today is trash day
  5. Watched all the Carey Grant films in Netflix because I CAN
  6. Listened to the Justin Bieber album a lot of times
    I mean A LOT. Like way more than I did the Beyoncé album.
  7. Sat on the couch and stared at the wall and thought about what "potential" really means to me and what it means to reach my potential
  8. Watched a series of YouTube videos with Brené Brown as a result of previous point
  9. Googled all the therapists in our area (If you live in Vancouver, would love a recommendation)
  10. Definitely not my laundry
    Probably the first thing I should've done*