I'm no expert but here's a few I've been following lately.
  1. After washing your face, use a paper towel to wipe it instead of your normal towel.
    It assures that there's no bacteria that builds up on your face and keeps everything clean. Really helps avoid breakouts.
  2. Exfoliate your lips.
    I never bothered with this until recently and it really makes a world of a difference. I love lipstick, but I don't use it often, and exfoliating your lips make them so much softer so you can just go out with just your lip balm because they look good on their own already.
  3. Use some kind of card or cardboard to cover your eyelid while putting on mascara.
    Not only does this make sure your mascara doesn't screw up your eyeshadow but it helps in curling your eyelashes too!
  4. Lip liner when you have red lips!
    I was a dumb teen and I used to wear bright lipstick for parties or concerts. And at the end of the day I always had the hot mess clown face because I didn't use lip liner! This makes sure your lipstick doesn't spread around. It's such a hassle but red lips in general are a hassle so this extra step isn't that big of a deal, considering what a difference it makes
  5. If you have an event, don't wash your hair until the day of(if it's in the evening) or the day before.
    Everyone has different hair routines, but I try to leave the natural oils in my hair to keep it healthier until the actual event, just so I have bouncier glowier hair for your event/date whatever.
  6. Dry shampoo at night
    This is more of something I do, but I use dry shampoo at night so my scalp can soak in the product more and I wake up with cleaner hair.
  7. Wet that brush
    For eyeshadow/gel eyeliner! It makes the brush easier to control and the product more pigmented.
  8. Use a darker shade for your arch and lighter shade for the front parts of your brow
    This might not apply for everyone but I like to have strong brows, and I have lesser hair towards the tail of my brows, so it really evens out the look when I do this.
  9. Highlighter in your cupids bow
    The Cupid's bow is the arch right above the middle part of your upper lip. I don't do this often, but everytime I add it in to my makeup routine, I get compliments that I look "blooming" without people noticing that it's really just this small thing that I changed up in my makeup routine.
  10. Listen to music during your beauty routine
    It just makes the whole experience more fun TBH and honestly, a big reason why I like makeup is because it's super fun! It might seem like a lot of work to get the hang of it, but it's actually super relaxing and fun to do!
  11. Matte taupe lipstick is your travel buddy
    Solid lip, emergency contour bronzer stick, brown eyeshadow (because a lil bit of eyeshadow makes us all look more put together!)
    Suggested by @trixie