Desert Island Album List

10 must have albums if stranded on a desert island (provided there's something to play them on!)
  1. 1. Nighthawks at the Diner by Tom Waits
    It's a party and helps with the loneliness.
  2. 2. English Settlement by XTC
    It has everything!
  3. 3. Mind Bomb by The The
    Gorgeous music, incredible lyrics.
  4. 4. Pleased to Meet Me by The Replacements
    So you can dance like nobody's watching 'cuz no one is!
  5. 5. Songs From the Cape Man by Paul Simon
    Haunting and unexpected beauty.
  6. 6. Rain Dogs by Tom Waits
    Genius music that becomes an obsession!
  7. 7. Gratitude by Earth Wind & Fire
    Another party! Feel good music!
  8. 8. Live in Central Park - Paul Simon
    Another live album that's actually good!
  9. 9. Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd
    Almost went with Wish you were Here, but this record changed my life!
  10. 10. (Last one! This is tough!) X by Ed Sheren
    My current fave! Another genius beauty type thing...