1. Decide what college I will attend
    I feel like I can't go to the only places I want to go so making a decision is gonna be difficult
  2. Apply to college
    Remember when they said apply to college before Christmas break? I feel like this should be done before I decide where im going
  3. Be patient with my circumstances
    I never seem to be content with the cards I've been dealt and am always striving to change something; I need to realize the position I am in is for a reason
  4. Don't rush or force an intimate relationship
    I feel like I want a girlfriend for all the right reasons but it just never works out. It's easy to grow weary of what seems to be a never-ending cycle of disappointment. I need to be reminded that my feelings towards a girl need to progress naturally and if it's forced, it's likely it's not supposed to be.
  5. Not let my reputation dictate my decisions
    Although everyone should care to maintain a positive reputation of themselves, I feel like I worry way too much about how others think of me and I base many decisions off of this. It's mostly a lot of very minor and small things but that's when I feel like it's the worst, when I'm trying to gain approval through the insignificant things.
  6. Get both A's in my northlake classes
    I have a really hard time applying myself with anything that has to do with school, especially if it's early morning or an online class. Since I have one of each I hope I can take it seriously and boost my college gpa with two A's
  7. Have a successful capstone
    At newtech, the seniors have to complete a capstone project that basically lasts the entire year and you can't graduate without passing. I chose an extremely challenging topic and it's going to take a tremendous amount of work and dedication to pull it off and pass, but if I do, I believe it can be one of the best capstones in the 8 years of newtech🙏🏿😩
  8. Continue my music pursuit
    Maybe I just seem like a total poser for this one, but music is truly the most important thing to me and I've always wanted to see where it can take me. Ive always been musically inclined but never really put myself out there and embrace what could be. I guess this goes back to my reputation and not wanting to get made fun of or judged or something like that, but I hope I can overcome whatever it is holding me back.