1. January
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    Started dating Stephanie which was cool but also very not cool at the same time
  2. February
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    I discovered that biking is a good way to clear your mind, and that I'm not very good at biking
  3. March
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    I went skiing which was my favorite thing ever
  4. March 2
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    While skiing, each night Conner and I walked a quarter mile to an abandoned gas station because there was free wifi.. So we'd sit outside for hours just to get connection... Many feels were felt here
  5. April
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    Joined a rec soccer team with some of my best soccer buds
  6. May
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    Prom was weird
  7. June
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    This picture of Luke was taken in June
  8. July
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    Beach camp was very eventful
  9. July 2
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    I turned 18 and we went into a smoke shop and the guy threatened to kick me out because I said "bong" three times
  10. August
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    Seniors kick ass bro
  11. September
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    I went to OU which was cool but pretty boring
  12. October
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    Took this pic during my last shift at sonic.. Lowkey miss it
  13. November
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    Went to a&m which I am definitely not a fan of, but had fun at northgate
  14. December
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    This month was filled with decisions that PROGRESSIVELY got more important