1. January
    Started dating Stephanie which was cool but also very not cool at the same time
  2. February
    I discovered that biking is a good way to clear your mind, and that I'm not very good at biking
  3. March
    I went skiing which was my favorite thing ever
  4. March 2
    While skiing, each night Conner and I walked a quarter mile to an abandoned gas station because there was free wifi.. So we'd sit outside for hours just to get connection... Many feels were felt here
  5. April
    Joined a rec soccer team with some of my best soccer buds
  6. May
    Prom was weird
  7. June
    This picture of Luke was taken in June
  8. July
    Beach camp was very eventful
  9. July 2
    I turned 18 and we went into a smoke shop and the guy threatened to kick me out because I said "bong" three times
  10. August
    Seniors kick ass bro
  11. September
    I went to OU which was cool but pretty boring
  12. October
    Took this pic during my last shift at sonic.. Lowkey miss it
  13. November
    Went to a&m which I am definitely not a fan of, but had fun at northgate
  14. December
    This month was filled with decisions that PROGRESSIVELY got more important